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DO NOT, FOR ANY REASON, HANG ANYTHING FROM YOUR AWNING (with the exception of the support 2x4s for your s'chach in their designated brackets).  Your awning was not built to hold additional weight.  A bent frame will void your warranty.


Your sukkah awning and any panels you might have will need to be TIED SECURE whether stored rolled up or left open for use.  Your ropes will need to be properly tied in all 3 places (or all 5 places, as on larger units), as demonstrated to you by your installer the day your awning was installed.  If your installer left without demonstrating proper use, please call our office to ask that we send someone to do so, or watch one of these helpful videos.


In the event of high winds, a bad storm, or snow: your sukkah should be rolled up (stored away) and tied securely to avoid damage to the awning, panels, or the structure(s) it is attached to.  Your sukkah awning and panels can withstand winds of +/- 40 miles per hour (MPH) if tied down correctly but we recommend that you roll the awning up for winds higher than 30 MPH, as you would be unlikely to use it under such conditions anyhow.  Your warranty doesn’t cover storm damage, snow damage, high wind or tornado damage, neglect, or improper use, as none of these are damage caused due to poor production or faulty craftsmanship.  You, the customer, are  responsible for keeping your sukkah properly stored and tied down.


After a heavy rainfall your sukkah awning should be opened up and rerolled closed in order to let out any remaining water that could cause issues like water marks, mildew, or uneven wear.  Your sukkah should be stored dry.

When rolled up, your sukkah becomes a welcoming place for squirrels and moths to nest.  Your awning will need to be rolled open and closed every week in the warm months, or every two weeks in the cold months, to discourage nesting and chewing behaviors.  If left untended to, moths and squirrels will likely chew holes through the rolled fabric to find their way to the more cozy center where they will build their nests or cocoons.  There are ultrasonic pest repelling devices on the market, available through other retailers, that are also helpful in keeping pests away should you want to try adding an extra layer of protection.  Your warranty doesn’t cover moth or squirrel damage, as it isn’t damage caused due to poor production or faulty craftsmanship.  You, the customer, are accountable for this type of regular maintenance; as such it is your responsibility to keep your sukkah pest-free.


We understand that many families only use their sukkah awning for the holiday of Sukkot, then store it away until the next year.  However, please be advised that you still have to unroll it open and then secure it back closed every week in warm months or every two weeks in cold months (weather permitting) in order to properly maintain your sukkah awning and its panels and to get the best longevity out of your unit.  Aside from nesting creatures, your awning may accumulate mildew if this routine maintenance is neglected.

We also offer services to take down, store, and rehang our awnings and sukkahs if you would prefer to avoid having to maintain your unit over the cold months.  We also service our own awnings up until the holiday begins.

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